LJL Trucking is a company that specializes in waste management. Specifically, carting, demolition, and junk removal.

LJL Trucking is a company that actually has stemmed roots in the masonry and construction business. Leo Tavella, the founder of LJL, previously owned and operated his own masonry business for 30 years! He had decided to transition into a business with less grunt work, and more logistical challenges.

Using Photoshop and InDesign, I created the entire branding for the company. LJL Trucking was looking for a classic, yet modern aesthetic to elevate the brand and make it stand out from hundreds of other waste management companies. I decided to work with geometric shapes to provide that vintage feel, as well as a bold serif font to invoke that good ole fashioned, honest hard work vibe. Mixed with thin, sleek sans serif type, and a heavy influence of documentation photography, I consider the brand style to be a perfect hybrid of vintage and modern; something that even extends into the mindset of the company. LJL Trucking aims to be a company with the hardworking work ethic of days past, and the modern day digital marketing spine to make it effortless for clients to find and research the company.

Eventually, I landed at this final version with a clean white backdrop. LJL Trucking currently offers numerous 10 & 15 yard dumpster boxes for rent, both in the heavy duty and light duty variety. Check out LJL Trucking and all of their services at LJLTrucking.com, or on Facebook.