As we all know, COVID-19 came into our lives drastically and suddenly, changing the world as we know it overnight. One week, I was at school, finishing my day to day projects and getting ready for graduation. The next, school shut down with an undetermined open date. It flipped everything upside down for me.

But right before we were kicked out of school, my professor had informed me of a local food bank that needed help with a logo design. Once I was set up to take my online classes, I reached out to Loaves and Fishes to assist them in design.

Loaves and Fishes was seeking out a logo that could be used in various ways. As an icon, as text, etc. I got creative with the Ampersand character and transformed it into a loaf of bread and a fish to translate the food bank literally.

All in all I was really happy to be able to give back to the local community, especially an organization that was in high demand and working overtime to feed those in need. You can check out Loaves and Fishes HERE.