A collaboration between Redline Restorations, and the Metro PCA Club: The Redline Open House Event!

Using Redline’s own library (AKA, the vault) for inspiration, the flyer harkens back to the glory days of air-cooled Porsche, perfect for Redline and their vintage Porsche restoration abilities. Redline’s classic maroon red was matched with a wonderfully vintage, yet vibrant turquoise and a psychedelic arrangement of colors placed on the various Porsche models. The iconic Futura font was paired with maroon red cursive sub script to give that final vivacious flare (that most Porsche body designs also invoke).

Lastly, I expanded the drawn cars past the turquoise background to make the flyer feel like it’s in action/motion. I used this technique to essentially “call” out to guests and potential event goers. To date, this is one of my favorite works with Redline.