Colton has owned “Kermit” for years. Originally, this Porsche was a restoration project by him which included a backdate conversion amongst other incredible modifications. He painted it Porsche Acid Green himself, and enjoyed his creation for a few years.

But as every visionary thinks, the urge to modify it further began. After talking with a few connections, it’s been established that “Kermit” will officially go under the knife of Akira Nakai, the master of RWB aka Rauh Welt Belgriff.

As a totally custom design, to come up with a render proved difficult. RWB has not built a car to this exact specifications yet. Thus, we had to piece meal together images of what we could find, then create digital versions of items we couldn’t. Once we had a realistic mock up template sorted, it was time to get to the livery visuals.